SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 2.0.1 Crack

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 2.0.1 Crack With Keygen Free Download

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard strives to keep your network safe, prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi, Internet connection and LAN. unrecognized connected devices. It patches any weakness or disease that allows attacks to be done. Almost no possibility exists for data leakage, critical data theft, or bandwidth loss.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard Crack is a superb tool for securing your modern Wi-Fi network. It is safe to say that ‘most’ modern Wi-Fi networks are well protected, but there are some weaknesses, which can compromise your Wi-Fi password, including vulnerabilities in encryption and brute force attacks. This can result in someone gaining unauthorized access to your Internet connection and exploit your LAN.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 2.0.1 Key

at profile. An outstanding windows software designed to protect your WIFI from external access. Not only protecting WIFI, also protect your personal data, privacy in addition to personal information from being SoftPerfect WiFi Guard Crack new technics to access your data. One of the most efficient technics is using the WIFI connection of the same router.

lets you detect all the Mac addresses and devices that are using your The software allows you to do various actions regarding yours. someone is searching to connect will not even find it. Moreover, you can easily block Mac addresses that are using your WIFI with ease. Besides, has various options that are enabling you to disconnect other devices from your WIFI network and forbid them to use it again.

Key Features?

  • Pings computers and other network devices and displays data on connected devices.
  • Detects firewalled computers that do not respond to ping.
  • Scans your network at specified intervals.
  • Immediately alerts you if an unknown device is located.

Having your Internet connection exploited may not be that big a deal to some, however, what about a hacker reading your personal emails, stealing private data or breaking the law online whilst using your Internet connection? This is where a WiFi guarding utility such as SoftPerfect WiFi Guard comes into play.

The app will alert you if your network is used without your knowledge. It can be configured to scan your network at set intervals and informs you if there are any new, unknown or unrecognized connected devices that could be a hacker.

Overall, SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a great tool for the security conscious. It is lightweight, easy to use, has a simple interface (albeit dated looking) and it provides key data on connected devices to your WiFi network.

How to Download?

  • Disconnect from internet (most recommended)
  • Extract and install the program (run Setup)
  • Or just extract and run the portable version
  • Do not launch the program, exit if running
  • Run the Keygen as admin, patch, and register
  • Always disable automatic check for update


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